Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Children’s Health Network (CHN) has served as Children’s supported physician hospital organization since 1994 with more than 300 Children’s affiliated and independent providers from across our region as members. Moving forward, CHN will serve as the vehicle for our pediatric-focused, clinically integrated network by creating the right infrastructure and enhancing coordination among our network participants.

Board of Directors

Children’s Health Network (CHN) is governed by a board of directors comprised of providers and hospital executives who have been tasked with developing the right strategic direction and infrastructure to support our collaboration and implement an effective value-based care program.

2015 CHN Board Members:

  • Brad Brabec, M.D. (Chairman)President, Complete Children’s Health
  • Mike Brown (Vice Chair)Executive Vice President, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
  • Stephen Raynor, M.D. (Secretary/Treasurer)Children’s Specialty Physicians & Clinical Service Chief, Surgery
  • Richard Azizkhan, M.D.President & CEO, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
  • Steven BurnhamSenior Vice President Physician Networks, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
  • Ryan Sewell, M.D.ENT Specialists P.C.
  • Mohanad Shukry, M.D.Children’s Specialty Physicians & Clinical Service Chief, Anesthesiology
  • Debra Tomek, M.D.Medical Director, Children’s Physicians
  • Robert Troia, M.D.President, Pediatric Ophthalmology Associates


CHN members play a significant role in implementing this clinically integrated network through provider-led committees.

Clinical Management Data & IT Committee

The Clinical Management Data & IT Committee is responsible for selecting areas for focused clinical improvement, as well as developing, implementing and monitoring compliance with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, designed to achieve high quality patient care while achieving other value goals, including cost containment initiatives.

CHN Board Representatives:

  • Debra Tomek, M.D.
  • Mohanad Shukry, M.D.

Membership & Credentialing Committee

The Membership & Credentialing Committee oversees the recruitment, credentialing, onboarding and retention of CHN-participating providers. This committee is responsible for evaluating continued membership by reviewing re-credentialing reports provided by the Clinical Management Data & IT Committee.

CHN Board Representatives:

  • Brad Brabec, M.D.
  • Robert Troia, M.D.

Contracting Committee

The Contracting Committee is responsible for providing input into the most effective contracting strategies, consistent with all applicable laws.

CHN Board Representatives:

  • Stephen Raynor, M.D.
  • Ryan Sewell, M.D.

Interested in joining a committee?

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