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4 Time-Saving Strategies For Your Medical Practice

It’s been a long day, and once again, you’re struggling to finish up documentation and paperwork that you couldn’t finish at the office. Where did the day go?

Administrative tasks can change your job from being solely a physician to being a physician who’s also a data entry clerk, medical assistant, and technician. As these duties pile up, spending clinical time with patients can seem like a luxury.  More…

Value-based Care: 3 Ways To Leverage It To Benefit Your Practice

Value-based care has been a breakthrough idea for payers. But to many physicians, it might seem like the vampire that just won’t die.

Yes, it’s designed to lower costs in the long run, a goal most of us can support. But there’s always a fear that it might not align with optimum patient care … and can put a significant burden on your practice.

Still, value-based care seems to be creeping into more contracts as payers, particularly the government, work to get costs under control. So, the question arises: Are there ways to leverage it for the good of your practice? Here are 3 strategies to consider.  More…

Hiring Millennials For Your Practice—And Keeping Them There

hiring MillennialsBy 2020, your staff may look a little different.

As we head into the 2020s, the Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) are poised to make up over half of the American workforce.1 They will make up a significant portion of your staff, whether as physicians, nurses, receptionists, or maintenance workers.

You want your practice to have the best and brightest. So, how can you hire Millennials—and keep them?  More…

Execution: The Key To Turning Your Business Vision Into Reality [Podcast]

Transforming your business vision into reality might seem like a daunting task when you’re running a medical practice. That’s especially in the face of so much uncertainty about where healthcare is headed. But with the right tools, your practice’s potential can become its future.

Brad Brabec, M.D., Chairman of Children’s Health Network and President of Complete Children’s Health, an independent physician practice, shares his thoughts on what it takes to turn ideas from dreams to reality in healthcare practices.  More…

The Business Of Healthcare: Should Physicians Get An MBA?

business of healthcarePatients are often referred to as “healthcare consumers,” so it’s hardly surprising that hospitals and medical practices have shifted from a “practice of medicine” mindset to a “business of healthcare” approach.

Physicians have adopted this mindset as well.1 Combined MD/MBA programs have more than doubled since 2000, and more physicians than ever before are returning to school to earn an MBA after years of practice.  More…