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Clinical Integration

5 Factors That Define Clinical Integration

Health systems and networks are marching toward clinical integration—but if you ask five healthcare experts what clinical integration is, you’ll get 10 different answers.

Most agree that clinical integration aims to stem the loss of reimbursements, find more routes to efficient medical care, and move patients toward prevention and wellness. But what does a clinically integrated network look like? And what does it mean for physicians?  More…

3 Trends That Will Change How You Run Your Practice

clinically integrated networksIt’s no secret in the healthcare industry that provider reimbursements have been shrinking.At the same time, health care costs are expected to rise 6.5% through 2017, outpacing the rate of inflation.2

In light of this, many analysts believe it was inevitable that health systems would start moving toward integrated network models, with their focus on reduced costs and optimized patient care. More…